Mr. Nour Benjelloun

MEPEX Africa Associate 

The African region has a large consumption rate for petroleum products globally, which makes it a highly important region for petroleum trading. It can be a complicated trading process due to the number of landlocked countries involved.

Mr. Nour has varied experiences in Maritime, Trade, Oil and Gas Industry with a huge understanding of the delivery process to all African countries, especially in commodities trading and energy intelligence data. He is MEPEX Associate for the African Market.

Work Experience

  • Acquiring sets of energy data from different global institutes to help in commodity trading.
  • Current CEO of Centinar Information Services.
  • Previous Account and product manager at IHS Maritime and Trade


Career Achievement

  • Engaging with and advising OPEC on a number of issues regarding Oil production and global exports.
  • Advising Shipowners/tanker owners and Bunkerers on how to minimize costs and maximize revenues.