Offshore Gabon, Nkembe Permit

Pura Vida Energy is offering a material equity position in the shallow water Nkembe Permit offshore Gabon – a highly prospective block with prospects defined by 3D seismic in Pre-salt, Sub-salt & Post-Salt reservoirs. The Pre & Sub Salt prospects are the favoured exploration drilling candidates (areas of ranging from 25 to 50 sq km) with mean prospective resources of 131 to 639 mmbo. Additional prospects in the Sub and Pre Salt fairways make the total prospective oil resource greater than 1000 mmbo. Existing discoveries on the block (Loba M-1) & surrounding prove the presence of a highly effective petroleum system & Offshore Gabon is a likely extension of the developing Pre Salt fairways in Angola and Brazil. The Loba discovery offers potential for appraisal and rapid development and early cash flow. The three independent fairways in the Nkembe permit offer substantial targets in an emerging Pre Salt province with attractive fiscal terms in a politically stable operating environment.




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