PETRONAS (Malaysia) Exploration Opportunities 2016

PETRONAS Exploration opportunities 2016.

On Tuesday 13th October 2015, PETRONAS announced which acreage will be made available for bidding offers in their 2016 Exploration Opportunities in Malaysia. 9 blocks in total have been selected to be open and offered under this bidding round which are being identified under the new nomenclature system recently introduced into Malaysian exploration activity.

The areas available are: –

  • Malay Basin – blocks WM1-00, WM2-00, SM2-00 and SM3-00

  • Tinjar Province – blocks SK2-00, SK3-00 and SK5-00

  • North West Sabah – block IB10-00

  • North East Sabah – block ES2-00

The data review period will be from November 2015 to April 2016. For further information please contact PETRONAS:

Salina Safiullah:

Seismic Data from all 9 blocks on offer has now been received by ZDS and the data room will be opened shortly





  • East Malling Business Centre
  • 01732 220058


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