Habib Al Alawi 

MEPEX Managing Director

“ From the very outset, I would like to express my sincere greetings to all the reputed customers, partners and well-wishers of MEPEX  Group.

Since its inception, we gave and continue to give our utmost effort to make MEPEX  as one of the premier platforms for oil & gas investment exploration and production opportunities at the MENA region, recently we have expanded our operations and scope of services to include trading in petroleum products in addition to professional oil and gas professional consultancy services.

I am delighted to let you know that MEPEX over the past 10 years has earned international reputation as a platform for oil and gas investment, we have a compelling vision to build on that success and utilize our rich network and cumulative experience to establish an extremely competitive and value added petroleum products trading division to serve our clients. In order to enhance our growth, we have already started talking to our associates  in different countries around the globe.

I hope to build on our success and maintain the excellent reputation that our team has worked hard to achieve. We will continue to strive for quality and excellence in all aspects of our work as we have many challenges to face but are very optimistic about the future, I hope that our successful oil and gas investment  history will give you confidence in business dealings with us.”